Lead Engineer, Mapbox Vladimir Agafonkin

Vladimir Agafonkin is an open source enthusiast, the author of Leaflet JS library (the industry standard for interactive maps), and the maintainer of 40+ other open source libraries with a focus on algorithms, computational geometry and data visualization. He builds the future of maps at Mapbox. Outside of tech, Vladimir leads the progressive rock band Obiymy Doschu, strives to be a good father to his twin girls, and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

21/09/2019JS Talks

Fast by default: algorithmic performance optimization in practice

We've learned to rely on sophisticated frameworks and fast engines so much that we're slowly forgetting how computers work. With modern development tools, it's easy to locate the exact code that's slowing down your application, but what do you do next? Why exactly is it slow, and how do you make it fast? Time to regain the lost art of algorithmic performance optimization! Software performance is all about recognizing and eliminating unnecessary work. You can learn to do this intuitively, and eventually you'll be able to write code that's fast from the start, by default. Let me show you how — on practical, real-world cases of optimizing popular open source libraries, PR by PR.

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