Lead JavaScript Engineer, EPAM Vitalii Bobrov

Vitalii is a Lead JavaScript Engineer with more than six years of professional experience. He is the co-organizer of Angular Wroclaw meetup. Vitalii is keeping up-to-date with the latest Web Platform features and doing great experiments with it. This guy is not just a nerd, but tech speaker, Web Audio enthusiast, and the father of the excellent little girl.

19/09/2018 10:00-14:00JS Workshop #1

Angular state management with NgRx

Modern frameworks provide developers with a bunch of state management solutions to choose from. And state management usually still a bottle-neck. Redux pattern is one of state management philosophies that were created to make it clear and wholly separated from UI. During the workshop, we will go through concepts behind NgRx and will try them out on a real alike project. We will create a small application that should solve typical development tasks using Angular and NgRx 8+. The latest features of NgRx will drastically simplify our code and reduce the amount of boilerplate.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

WebAssembly-driven CSS

CSS considered as a non-serious language in the tech community. I’m going to show that to make an impressive and performant design you might need to use WebAssembly and Houdini APIs. Houdini provides us a view layer (Paint Worklet) and props for render (Properties and Values API). WebAssembly is a performant state calculator. JavaScript is an orchestrator that requests a new state and handles properties updates. With such MVC-like architecture, you will be able to create rich off-thread visual experiences that could be easily plugged-in in different projects.

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