Product Designer, Gazprom Neft Vadik Matveev

Vadik is product designer at Gazprom neft for now. Before that he worked at Yandex.Money and even earlier in M18 studio. Vadik also gives lectures about typography, animations and responsive design at Epic School and Contented. In free time he maintain whitepaper.tools with like-minded designers and writes small reviews about music albums in telegram channel @dotmus.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

Yet Another Talk About Design Systems

There were made a lot of design systems in the last few years. In most cases, these systems are just a set of colors, typo rules and components, that are so tightly fixed. The connection of elements between the components is often weak, and the system consistency vanishes. It becomes inflexible and prevents future evolution of interfaces. We took a different look and made Whitepaper. It's open source tools for building declarative design systems based on BEM principles.

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