CTO, CloudHorizon Slobodan Stojanović

Slobodan is CTO of Cloud Horizon, a software development studio based in Montreal Canada, and CTO of Vacation Tracker, a simple Slack-based leave management system for teams. He is based in Belgrade and is the JS Belgrade meetup co-organizer. Slobodan is the AWS Serverless Hero, Claudia.js core team member, and co-author of "Serverless Applications with Node.js" book, published by Manning Publications.

21/09/2019JS Talks

Serverless: a backend thing that gives superpowers to frontend developers

You probably heard about serverless, its autoscaling and pricing model. But, no one told you one of the most important things: serverless is a backend thing, but it gives superpowers to frontend developers. It puts a deployment in the hands of FE developers, without all the complexity of BE systems. You can deploy a production-ready API, server-side rendering, and do amazing things with just a few lines of code. This talk is about serverless and the ways you can benefit it as an FE developer.

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