CEO, Liga A. Seryozha Popov

Seryozha is CEO at frontend outsource Liga A. CSS Evangelist, the organizer of the moscowcss community. He participates in the organization of pitercss_meetup, pitercss_conf, WSD, FrontendConf. Seryozha gives talks at professional conferences and he’s an active community member.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

The State of CSS

The first global survey stateofcss.com made a lot of noise. The reason is that a large number of technologies mentioned there turned out to be a novelty for the developers. Although most of these technologies are used by developers who are familiar with it already. I want to talk about lost technologies, applying them, and browser support. So we can begin to use the full power of the current state of CSS then, as well as to discuss it.

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