Team Lead, Wrike Roman Dvornov

Roman is the author of several Open Source projects contributor, researcher, the evangelist for web standards, inspirer and speaker. Passionate in web technologies, tooling, architecture and related subjects.

21/09/2019JS Talks

Gaining insight

As engineers, we are surrounded by various sort of metadata. CVS logs, dependency graphs, tracker's tasks, even source code we craft – all of these is a data. When you catch that up, the next question is what you can learn from it? There is no silver bullet, it depends on many factors. You need to look at data from different angles, to mix it with various data sources, to try hypotheses and so on until some insights will be found. It would be cool to have some tools to make it with ease. Fortunately, I'm working on some approaches in this direction for a while. I would like to share with you my experience, some ready to use tools and ideas behind them. I'm trilling about it because it's just a few concepts that may make your life simpler by reducing a time consumptions to gain insight from a data around you.

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