Product Designer, Gazprom Neft Julia Muzafarova

Julia (aka miocene) is Product Designer at Gazprom Neft, whitepaper.tools maintainer and pure CSS animator.
I am Julia, product designer at Gazprom Neft for now and at Yandex for a few last years. I get lucky to able make designs by code. And it’s push me to create whitepaper.tools with my design friends. Also I looove CSS so much, that i started to creating a pure CSS animations on codepen.io/miocene.

19/09/2018 10:00-14:00CSS Workshop #2

How to: make a world

With CSS we can do many things, but can we make cartoons? Why not? Let's try! During the workshop, we'll learn how to draw and animate with only CSS. And you'll create a cool demo. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is required.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

Make a World

Every year CodePen posts the most hearted demos. The last two years the first places are occupied by pure CSS animations. And half of the top-100 about drawing with CSS.
I’ll tell you how to make a world. And maybe your demo will be “the most hearted demo of 2019”.

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