Senior Accessibility Engineer, The Paciello Group Ian Pouncey

Ian Pouncey is an accessibility specialist and web developer with an interest in user experience. Now spending his time helping designers and developers create sites and apps that are accessible to everyone, he has been working on the Web for over nineteen years with career highlights including the 'Metro' version of the Yahoo! homepage and the framework on which all BBC web pages are built.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

How to make an inaccessible website

In 2019, web accessibility is mainstream, but a quick search on your social media platform of choice will reveal designers and developers who resist the idea that all websites and applications should be usable by anyone. These people are underrepresented at conferences; this is the presentation for them. Anyone who cares about their users might find something to learn as well, in this presentation that covers the best and worst of (in)accessible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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