Head of Yandex Video development, Yandex Anton Vinogradov

Anton is a passionate engineer with 10 years experience of enterprise software development in startups, banks and unicorn companies. Lasts years I'm working at Yandex as the architect of a new approach for software development of the main company’s products, like Yandex Search, Yandex Video and Alice. Author of some open source projects which uses different companies around the world. The last project is the platform for the components library and design system – Yandex Lego. More than 200 projects and services in the company use this library as the main resource for the user interface which 150 million users see every day.

21/09/2019JS Talks

Yandex Search — the delicate movement

This speech is a history of moving the frontend of one of the largest and the most loaded services in the Russia — Yandex Search to ReactJS and TypeScript. We didn’t talk about the change of architecture and our motivation before. Today ReactJS successfully works on Yandex services and we have something interesting to share. We’ve done a lot of work: we adapted our methodology for using with ReactJS, resolved problems with the rendering speed, made partial hydrating, created methodology for doing hundreds of A/B experiments with React online. I'll tell you why we decided not to use most of our tools and libraries, and why did we choose Open Source as a foundation for our services. How we implemented this and how we are living in two runtimes.

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