Front-End Developer, Independent Contractor Alena Batitskaya

Five years ago Alena decided to quit successfully career as project manager and start developing. Having been in the shoes of junior, she was very imbued with the difficulties of beginning developers and decided to help them with what she can. So the Workafrolick’s blog on Medium started. There are translations of articles about development. She was invited to Netology university as a graduate student and it turned out that teacher education was received not in vain. At this moment, Alena found herself in teaching. Prefers to all newfangled frameworks vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

Put your cards on the table

<table> isn't common used HTML tag nowadays. Therefore, developers mostly don't have the appropriate skills to work with it. Every time you need to impose a table, you have to go to Google and look for a solution. I'll show you several useful tricks that help you in developing a gorgeous, responsive table. 😏 In addition, we'll talk about accessibility, which is a hot topic nowadays. I'll show how to make the table more audible.

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